Hello, I'm Alexandru Moșoi and this is my personal website.

Some things about me. I like programming and sports. I have some peculiar tastes in music (a recent example is Surplus). I enjoy smoking tobacco from time to time (not every ten minutes, but every few weeks). I like collecting coins, though my collection is rather small. I try to transform myself into a positive thinker, but it's challenging when your native language uses double negative.

Three very famous people, Jim Morrison (leader of The Doors band), Jimi Hendrix (considered the best guitarist of all times) and Augusta Ada Byron (first computer programmer), share my astrological sign, Sagittarius. I'm skeptical about astrology, but I admire them.

I maintain the genealogical tree of my family. For privacy reasons it is not public, but if you are a member of my family (through blood or alliance) I will be glad to share it with you. It would be nice if you can help expand the database. At the moment the tree goes up to my grand-grand-parents and contains 60 people, but parts of it are missing. For example, I know nothing about the families of my grandparents siblings. If you grandpa's family name was Moșoi, he came from Transnistria around WWII and spend some years into an orphanage I would like to hear from you.

Finally, You can email at alex...@mosoi.ro
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