Open Source

I truly believe in Free Open Source Software. I usually publish all my code under an MIT license. I'm a programmer and I think there are many ways to make money without selling code - content (eg. game levels, scenarios), services (ads), custom software. I suggest you check Adrian Ber's presentation on open source.

Open source software I've contributed to or written from scratch:
  • STRUCTure - a parallel boolean satisfiability solver. I blog about it on NextThough.
  • Chile - my compression program
  • Vmchecker - an online evaluation system for university courses (documentation in Romanian). Unfortunately, most of the team members graduated already and we couldn't find somebody to takeover the project. It is mostly stagnant now and we don't have the time to invest in vmchecker.
  • ir2spim - a compiler, debugger and interpreter for CoolIR (described here, might be a broken link). Includes sources and test generators.
  • plas.asm (see attachment) - a rudimentary debugger for 80286 similar to from MS-DOS written in assembler to teach myself ASM (and low level C).
  • NAEV is a free, open source 2D space trading and combat simulator.
Open source software I use on a daily basis:
  • Arch Linux - by far the best Linux distribution
  • Ubuntu - very user friendly Linux distribution
  • Terminator - a terminal emulator aimed for programmers
  • Terminus -  a clear font for console
  • Vim - the popular editor
  • Mplayer - the movie player. Plays almost any existent format, lots of options.
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20 Jan 2010, 17:59