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The Improviser

For my own amusement I took a short personality test on how you design software and here are the results.

Your Developer-Personality: The Improviser

The Improviser has a strong need for freedom. Not only freedom to pursue an objective by whatever means seem appropriate but also freedom from any particular tool, procedure or specification. The Improviser doesn’t let vague objectives or imprecise plans prevent him or her from getting the job done. He or she will abandon plans the moment they become out of date and solve problems on the fly, but may become irritated with coworkers who are slow to get on board with the new reality.

In a software development project, the Improviser can proceed from vague goals and evolving specifications. He or she views software development as a process of iteratively refining the product in response to a complicated and changing environment. The Improvisor embraces open-ended problems. He or she often dislikes getting too involved with any specific software development method, as this impinges his or her flexibility. The Improviser understands where he or she is based on the project’s goals and feedback from stakeholders (e.g., users, marketing).

On the downside, The Improviser may often experience frustration with managers who depend on plans and forecasts, and employees who insist on elaborate planning or explicit adherence to specific development methods.